Customer Friendly Pricing for Family Law Services

Simplified Family Law Pricing with Flat fees from Edwards Family LawAt Edwards Family Law we proudly offer a revolutionary flat fee billing structure to simplify the process of Family Law for our valued clientele. With each and every case we work on a personal level with our clients to developed a customized flat fee price for our specialized legal services.

Before ever starting anything on a family law case, our clients know exactly what to expect with respect to billing to accomplish their unique objectives. During our initial consultation, our professional team will get to know your situation, you goals, and your expectations. From there, our attorneys will develop a custom legal strategy for your individual situation and will discuss and agree to a flat fee structure for your case without any additional billing surprises.

Unlike traditional law firms who bill by the hour, our flat fee structure allows us to focus on your unique situation while expediting an effective resolution to your family law disputes. Because we bill with a simple flat fee structure does not mean that we bargain with quality. Family Law cases are complex and require the expertise and experience required to produce results. At Edwards Family Law, our seasoned legal team does the heavy lifting to accomplish the objectives for even the most complicated divorce and family law proceedings.

Additional Out of Pocket Family Law Expenses

Have you worked with other attorneys who consistently charge for minor expenses during the course of their legal work? At Edwards Family Law, our goal is to efficiently settle your family law disputes with minimal additional cost. We make a commitment to our clients for quality legal work at a reasonable cost. This includes:

  • No additional charges for mileage to court to represent you
  • No additional charges for mailing services, copying fees or courier services
  • No additional charges for phone and fax services

Best of all, we happily provide cutting edge technology to all of our clients with constant access to their case files and progress via our secure server, all at no additional cost to our clientele.

Court Ordered Award of Attorney Fees

In some instances of Family Law disputes, we may elect to petition the Court for the reimbursement of legal fees and expenses paid for by the opposing party.

In these circumstances, it is completely out of the control of Edwards Family Law and solely up to the presiding Judge as to whether or not legal fees will be awarded. Because of this, we require all flat fee billing to take place up-front, ahead of any work on your legal matters. In the event of a judgement, any funds will be credited to your bill in the order they are received and will show as a refund once your case is finished.

Watch this video from Attorney Regina Edwards on the Cost of Divorce

Watch this video from Attorney Regina Edwards on the Length of the Divorce Process

Estimates of Family Law Fees

With our Edwards Family Law Flat Fee Billing, we happily assist our clientele with estimates of potential fees on normal case types. These estimates are not accurate to define the cost of your exact, unique case and its objectives, but rather to provide a guideline with respect to what common family law services typically cost here at Edwards Family Law. For specific information and counsel with respect to your case, please contact one of our legal professionals today.

Uncontested Divorce

An uncontested divorce is the dissolution of marriage wherein both parties agree amicably to the terms of the divorce proceedings and arrangements.

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$3,500 - $7,500

Uncontested Divorce without Children

$4,500 - $15,500

Uncontested Divorce with Children

$7,500 - $15,000

Uncontested Divorce with Substantial Assets

Contested Divorce

Dissolution of Marriage wherein neither party agrees to the terms of the separation.
Contested Divorces present unique challenges that require expertise and experience for comprehensive resolution.

$7,500 - $25,000

Divorce with Children and Contested Custody - Middle Income

$7,500 - $15,000

Divorce without Children - Middle Income

$8,500 - $35,000

Divorce with Children, Contested Custody and Asset Disputes - Middle Income

$15,000- $35,000

Marital Estate from $200,000 to $500,000

$25,000 - $50,000

Marital Estate over $500,000

Additional Family Law Disputes

$7,500 - $10,000

Child Support Modification Only

$7,500 - $25,000

Custody Modifications

$7,500 - $15,000

Legitimation with Custody

$5,000 - $10,000


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